Fashion Moment Reflection-Caitlin Conte

For my Fashion Moment Reflection I watched Casey’s, Chelsea’s, Elizabeth’s and Gabrielle’s videos.  During that, I found similarities and differences through out the videos.  In Casey’s video, I thought that it was really interesting that she wanted to dress herself starting in middle school so she could express herself as a person.  I also liked how she mentions that the way middle schoolers dress, kind of puts them in a social group, and if they dress alike, they are more likely to be friends.

In Chelsea’s video, she also mentions how she realized that fashion was important to her during middle school as well.  She specifically mentions jeans and how she noticed that certain logos on the pockets of jeans meant that they were from the “popular” stores, like Abercrombie & Fitch.  I can definitely relate to this because, I too wanted the jeans from stores that were preferred.

During Elizabeth’s video, she also mentions how she thought fashion mattered to her in 8th-9th grade, right around the time the previous too did.  I really like that she said that fashion magazines drew her attention to fashion and that she liked to replicate popular styles in her own way.  For example, she said that she took her mom’s jean jacket and put pins and brooches on it because Teen Vogue had similar styles shown.    I also loved to look through fashion magazines when I was around that age to get ideas on how to dress and what was popular.

The last video I watched was Gabrielle’s, and she mentions that she thought fashion was important to her the first time when she was in the 4th grade.  She had to write a paper about school uniforms, and whether or not if she would want one.  Gabrielle stated that she wouldn’t want one because through the way you dress you can also express yourself and she wouldn’t want to lose that.  I remember writing a similar paper in elementary school as well, and I also thought that if I had to wear a school uniform, I wouldn’t be able to express myself through dress anymore.

Throughout all four videos, the most thing that they had in common was wanting to express yourself through dress.  Whether that meant to fit in, or be wearing the popular jeans to school.  I also noticed that many people thought that fashion started to matter to them in or around middle school.  That is an important time in a child’s life and that is when you find out who you are, so I found that really interesting.


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