Fashion Moment Reflection: Briana Flores

After viewing Caitlin, Casey, Chelsea and Elizabeth’s Fashion Videos I can say that the majority of us have a lot in common. The question to think about is when did fashion matter? Fashion for the most part began when we were all in seventh or eighth grade. Middle school was the time to create sort of a status for ourselves and broadcast what we all thought was cool and trendy. I think Caitlin definitely brought up something important when she said, “Fashion matters because you can really put your personality into the way you dress.” This was the time to finally make decisions for ourselves and pick out what we all personally liked. Because before this time in our lives, our parents chose what they thought would look best on us. Something that we all mentioned was that middle school was a time where everyone was finding themselves. Children in middle school were extremely judgmental so how you dressed determined what group of friends you had. Chelsea and Casey spoke about brands and just like I mentioned in my fashion video, brands were a huge attribute to whether one was cool or not. Chelsea also mentioned that she didn’t care or know the difference between brands and I completely agree.

Caitlin mentioned that fashion was always a hot topic for her. As a little girl she kept up with the latest fashions on magazines and runway looks. Elizabeth mentioned that she too looked at magazines for inspiration to dress differently. Growing up, Elizabeth was extremely shy so her style was a way to express herself and change how people viewed her. The main difference for me was that I was not a huge fan of magazines, I based my fashion knowledge off of my peers. Casey said fashion was always a thing for her since little so I began to question myself. After questioning myself, I was surprised to remember I had a fashion moment when I was in second grade. I remember crying to my mom because I had Nike sneakers and everyone had cool sneakers with animation characters and lights that blinked when you stomped on the floor.

I think when you think about it, brands have always mattered. Before clothing mattered, it began with which Barbie dolls were better or what toy trucks were cooler. Then, it went to customizing your Myspace with great music, backgrounds, and pictures. Now it’s broadcasting your outfits, meals and a variety of locations with Instagram. With our generation being accessible to many channels, we’ve always had a form of how we expressed ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Moment Reflection: Briana Flores

  1. Briana, you make a really good point when you mention how middle school was a time for us to create a status for ourselves. I have noticed that this is a reoccurring theme while listening to and going through these first fashion moment videos. It seems that a lot of us feel this way. This seemed to be a critical time for a majority of us in this class when it came to discovering just what fashion truly means and how important it is. I also find it interesting that you mention how Chelsea said that she didn’t know or care about the difference between brands. This comes as sort of a surprise to me as in middle school brands became such a big deal. Most knew which was in and which wasn’t. I don’t think that we knew the true meaning behind why these certain brands were so popular, we just knew that they were. It’s crazy to think that Caitlin stayed up on her fashion magazines at such a young age, but admirable. It’s so great that she had such and passion for fashion at such a young age. She went out of her way to keep up on the hot styles and truly appreciate fashion for what it is. What I like best about your post is the conclusions that you drew from this exercise. I think that you make a great point when you bring up how brands have always mattered and that it doesn’t just have to do with clothes. It is such a true statement and something that we should really all think about on a deeper level. What is our obsession with brands and why is it so? Who is the alpha in determining which brands are in and which are not? Will there ever be a change?

    • I’m glad to see we have similar views! To clarify a little more, I meant to say before middle school Chelsea and I didn’t understand the difference between brands, our parents decided what we wore. But as soon as middle school came along, that is when it became such a popular ideal. Brands determined how “cool” one was and yes I agree that’s definitely when it became a big deal! But to be honest, in my opinion, in order for companies to make their money, marketing logos and popular brands will be a never ending thing. The media definitely has a lot to do with our obsession with brands. Thank you for replying and your feedback!

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