Fashion Moment Reflection Kaitlin O’Donnell

After watching the other classmates molly , Shauna , Stephanie, and Rebecca on our “first fashion moment”, we all seemed to have one thing in common. The beginging of Middle School. Middle school what every kid dreads. Middle school seemed to be the point of all of our lives that fashion influenced each and every one of us. It was really interesting to see what we all related to.  Its extremely hard at a young age to express your style and how you feel because you only have your parents to get you those things and you may not be fortunate enough to get any of the items you many need to do so. I can recall wearing certain peices in middle school and being made fun of for weraring what they said back then was “defferent” only to then have people copy my idea’s. It’s still not so easy to express yourself nowadays. Thats why its so important to not judge and to let people express themselves how every they may need or want to.


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