Fashion Moment Reflection: Jean

After watching the Fashion Moment videos of four other students in our class I found that Kate, Melissa, Michaela and I all said we began to realize the importance of fashion around our middle school years. We were all also influenced by older figures in our lives at the time, whether it was our mom, sister or babysitter. Like Kate, I too was very interested in wearing makeup around 5th grade and would spend a lot of time practicing in the mirror. However, after watching Khody’s Fashion Moment video I started to second guess the moment I thought fashion became important to me. He made a wonderful point that fashion has been important all his life, “the moment you realize how to put your clothes on yourself”. At this moment you are making those decisions of what to wear, where you want to wear it, how you want to wear it. I found this to be an extremely interesting point of view and reflecting back on when I first started to dress myself I can relate. Khody also mentioned the role society plays on you as a child. I too mentioned society to be a major influence especially pertaining to the social media boom. Profile pictures for Myspace and Facebook were extremely important to both of us and I’m sure many other students in our class can relate. In conclusion, I did find that Kate, Khody, Michaela, Melissa and I have a mutual feeling of the importance of expressing ourselves through the clothes we wear.


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