Fashion Moment Reflection: Alex Currier

After watching Michelle, Nupur, Molly, and Abigail’s Video’s I realized we all realized that fashion mattered when we were young. Mostly in Middle School when kids started to develop individual styles and personalities. You are able to branch away from the clothes your parents make or want to wear and start to have your own opinion. The transition to Middle School and High school are very similar, it is a time people start to judge you because of your style and you just want to fit in. I think people become aware of fashion during these stages because they want to be part of the crowd that is around them. At this age we are all trying to fit in but also be an individual. It is a tricky stage in life where fashion does really play a huge part in how you feel about yourself.

As Molly said, she was a twin and her biggest fashion moment was in Middle School when she was able to dress differently from her twin. She expressed that she wanted to be an individual from her because she was at an age where she knew what she liked and wanted. this is her developing her own personal style.


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