Fashion Moment Reflections -Michaela Lefebvre

Watching my fellow classmates videos on our first fashion moments resulted in many occurring thoughts and feelings between the 5 of us. I watched Michelle, Molly, Nupur and Rebecca. One thing we all had in common which I’m sure the whole class does as well, is that our first realization of fashions importance started when we hit puberty around 5th/6th grade. It was definitely interesting to me to see the other girls talk about their moments because I could relate 100%. At this time in a young persons life we are all attempting to fit in and express ourselves the way we ‘think’ is right. Whether you’re more artsy, athletic, or simple, similar styles tend to stay together throughout grade school. Experimenting with different styles was something I, as well as these girls had in common. However, for Nupur being at a private school she said she had to wear uniform so the only way she could really express herself was through accessories. I could also relate to this because I was the queen of dyeing my hair different colors and going through different phases (preppy, ‘scene’, punk, etc.)

Bottom line, when I have kids I will strictly reinforce the idea that it is OKAY to try out different styles and express yourself. It’s these things that mold us into who we are today and our appreciation for fashion and textiles (we meaning TMD students). I could not picture myself doing/studying anything else at this point in my life and am so happy I had the encouragement and support to be who I’ve always wanted to be.


x ML


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