About Me: Jean Portocarrero

Hi my name is Jean Portocarrero. I am a TMD major and Business minor in my senior year at URI and plan to graduate this August. I have a pretty busy schedule as a full time student, also working several part-time jobs (bartending, waitressing, babysitting), during the week and on weekends. I enjoy working in the service industry because I am constantly coming in contact with different people and clothing – fashions, styles, trends, and cultures.

I may not be the most “fashionable” of my friends, but I do find that I take pride in the clothes I wear. I also find that the clothing I chose to wear reflects in many ways how I am feeling on the inside.

What interests me most (while also still confuses me) about fashion is that there is no one definition that can be finger pointed to describe it. I think that is the essence of what I will take away from this class. So often I have found myself trying to describe fashion with one word or phrase – “fashionable” – but who is to say I am not the most “fashionable” of my friends?


2 thoughts on “About Me: Jean Portocarrero

  1. I really enjoyed what you wrote about– I can definitely relate about wanting to get into the fashion industry while still working multiple other jobs. I also agree that what we wear is a great representation of us as a person. I like to think of fashion as a way to express ourselves!

  2. I think you’ll really enjoy our exploration of fashion theory. I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a neat and tidy answer at the end, but maybe fashion doesn’t need to have a neat and tidy answer!

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