About Me: Allyson Ancona

Hello fellow bloggers, my name is Allyson Ancona. I am currently a senior at URI and I am studying Fashion Merchandising and design. When I am not sprinting across campus I am either desperately trying to catch up on my sleep or running around at work. For the past few months I have been a Visual Merchandiser at Target, and it has been the biggest and best challenge that I have experienced so far. I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to work full time and practice my skills while still in school, and I work with an amazing team to help keep me on track with everything in my life. When I hope to get out of this class is to be able to think about things (not just fashion) in a broader sense, to look at things almost three dimensionally. To say that I can understand this multifaceted world from not only my perspective, but from the perspective of my classmates, and future co workers.


2 thoughts on “About Me: Allyson Ancona

  1. Hi Allyson!

    I enjoyed reading your post, I’m the same way with running around campus, going to classes, and trying to juggle two jobs. I work at Marshall’s and a boutique in Wickford. I’ve gotten to do some visual merchandising at the boutique and I wonder how your visual merchandising works at Target. That seems really interesting and something I want to do after college. I really like your perspective on this class and I also agree with wanting to know things about fashion from other perspectives than myself.

    Nice meeting you.


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