About Me- Michelle Katz

Hello everyone!

My name is Michelle Katz, I am a senior here at URI and I am born and raised in Rhode Island! My major is TMD, and my minor is Sustainability. I specifically chose to major and minor in these areas of studies, because I love textiles, fashion and the business aspect but I don’t neccessarily like how incredibly wasteful the fasion industry has become. With  the acceleration of dwindling of natural resources and consumerism, we cannot justify how much the fashion world has destructed the environment. After graduation, I plan to work for a company that makes sustainable products, or I would like to help large chain companies convert and use more eco-friendly materials (from textiles to packing etc.).

I am very excited to have the opportunity of taking this class, because it reveals the psychological part of the fashion world from the beginning up until now. I think everyone in TMD could benefit from this knowledge.


2 thoughts on “About Me- Michelle Katz

  1. Hi Rebecca! I really like how passionate and educated you are on the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry! This is a major issue not only in the fashion industry, but in all aspects of the world and definitely needs a change for the better!

  2. Welcome! Sustainability in fashion would be a great focus for your End of Term paper, look for a company or brand that either should shift that way or already has.

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