About Me – Giancarlos Deleon

Hello class, my name is Giancarlos Deleon and I am in my last semester here at URI; in May I will receive my degree in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design. I have taken a wide range of courses in the TMD department to get the most well rounded education in the industry as a whole. I also really enjoy the historical aspect of Fashion. History was my favorite subjects in high school and even in college, my favorite non-TMD courses are Art History. The career path I would like to pursue would be in merchandising, and/or marketing and brand management. I envision myself working with designers, and/or brands to help efficiently market, promote and present their merchandise.

I have learned about the industry from all the conventional perspectives, and the theoretical nature of this course is nonconventional. Thus, I am interested in learning about the cultural interworking of fashion. What cultural elements have guided fashion, guide fashion and will guide fashion? These are some of the main questions I hope be able to answer and discuss at the completion of this course.


2 thoughts on “About Me – Giancarlos Deleon

  1. Gian,

    You interest in fashion and art history is such a great mix! Both can influence each other in the best ways. That might be something that we touch upon in this course even. I think that your career aspirations with brand management are great and something that I never really considered but sound interesting. I may just have to look into that. I think that we share similar ideas when it comes to what we would like to get out of this course. I can’t wait to explore the nonconventional way of seeing things in fashion. Cultural interworking of fashion is also something that we have begun to talk about in class but I’m sure will look at more in depth!

  2. Awareness of fashion history is so important and helpful! You might want to consider a well established brand/designer for your EOT paper. It could prove to be an interesting analysis in our ever changing fashion world.

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