About Me: Briana Flores

Hi everyone, my name is Briana Flores. I’m a senior here at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Film Media with a minor in TMD. I am pushing to pursue a career in producing or floor directing. I’m from Northern New Jersey, Essex County, approximately 20-25 minutes away from the city. Therefore, when I graduate I plan to work with any production besides movies. Why not movies? After traveling for a long period of time, I become homesick. To be completely honest, I still have no idea what I’ll be doing after college. I plan to hustle and find something– anything.

I declared my minor in fashion last semester after going abroad in Spring 2015. I was always heavily influenced by fashion but studying in Barcelona changed my outcome completely. While studying there, I was amazed by how great women dress in Europe. It was rare to see women dressed down and their fashion, as a whole, was simple yet chic. What caught my eye the most, at the time, were the different types of shoes. After having such a huge interest in their fashion, I became even more certain that I wanted to minor in merchandising. As for this class, I’d love to gain greater knowledge in the expertise of fashion. So far, this class is providing so and I can’t wait for what’s next to come!


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