About Me: Ali Cerasuolo

Hi everyone, my name is Ali Cerasuolo. I am a senior here at URI and am set to graduate this May, woo hoo! I major in Textile, Merchandising and Design as well as minor in Public Relations. My interests in TMD are more in the mix of PR and fashion. I really enjoy what I have studied about TMD within the past four years and am most interested in visual merchandising and styling. I am also very interested in the PR side of things. I would ideally like to work at a Fashion PR company once I graduate. This would be perfect for me as it combines the two things that I love.

I hope that this class gives me a deeper and non-traditional way to think about fashion. I want to get of the core of the word fashion and see what types of events, people, places, things influence this world. As a result of this deeper meaning, I can think about the way I do my future job in a better way. I want to be able to see things differently and not take such old and boring approaches to problems.


2 thoughts on “About Me: Ali Cerasuolo

  1. Hello Ali,

    Your educational combination of Fashion and PR will completely benefit your pursuit of a career in styling. I wish I had considered a minor much earlier in my college career, and it’s great that you will be receiving a minor in PR. I appreciate your commentary on what you would like to receive from this course, as I had similar sentiments. The theoretics of fashion are not conventional and I am not too familiar with it. However, although I career goals differ, I foresee this course being beneficial for the both of us.


  2. This class should give you a new perspective. When you are thinking about your EOT paper topic, consider how you could incorporate you interests in PR!

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