About Me – Rebecca Nader

Hello! My name is Rebecca Nader and I am a Fashion Merchandising minor. My major is Supply Chain Management. I chose to add on TMD my sophomore year. I have been a business girl my entire life; very good with numbers and analyzing trends. I have also always had an interest in fashion. My goal for after graduation this May is to be a supply chain manager or allocation analyst of a fashion company. These two areas coincide very well and it would make me enjoy what products I am working with on a day to day basis.

I am excited to be enrolled in fashion theory and analysis because I feel it will really benefit my knowledge and understanding of how the fashion world works and how it has transformed. This class has already really intrigued me by how every topic and conversation could really go on forever. It amazes me how complex fashion is and where your mind can take thinking about the simplest concepts.


2 thoughts on “About Me – Rebecca Nader

  1. Hi, Rebecca!

    I had no idea we had a path in Supply Chain Management here but it fits perfectly with your Fashion Merchandising minor. If you took the Textile Marketing class, I’m sure you enjoyed it since that class blends your two interests perfectly! It’s awesome that you have a plan of what specific area you want to work in after graduating as well because there are so many choices we have to choose from. It will definitely benefit you! I feel the same about our class already as well! I’m constantly intrigued and you always leave wanting to learn more about these endless topics!

    – Stephanie Poncin

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