About Me – Caitlin Conte

My name is Caitlin Conte and I am a TMD Senior at URI. I currently work for Nordstrom Rack at the Warwick Mall in the Apparel Department. I have loved fashion ever since I was little, and I was so excited to get the chance to work for Nordstrom three years ago. I have worked in the “Full-Line” Nordstrom at the Providence Place Mall as well, before going to the Rack. It has always been my favorite store. My interests in fashion are geared toward the business side of things, so I am hoping to become a buyer one day. I’ve always had a strong skill for math, and I am currently taking TMD 332 (Retail Buying) with Professor Leys and I enjoy it. By taking this class, I am hoping to learn more about fashion theories and how they relate to the field that I am in now, especially with merchandising.


3 thoughts on “About Me – Caitlin Conte

  1. Hey Caitlin! I think it’s really cool that you have a passion for the business side of fashion because I do as well! As a buyer this class may be very helpful to you in better understanding fashion trends and how they change. In your time working at Nordstrom rack have you noticed any significant changes in fashhion and have any incite as to what may have caused them?

  2. Hey! That’s what I’m hoping too! During my time with Nordstrom I feel like I have seen and learned about different types of customers, and through that I’ve noticed different changes in fashion. Especially with men, actually (which surprised me). I never knew how much men were into fashion until I started to work at Nordstrom. They also need the most help, which helped me learn a lot more about men’s clothing. Many men are into dark, skinny denim with a woven, button-down shirt; and before I feel like they wanted to dress more casually. It’s been really interesting to see men really care about what they are wearing.

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