About Me – Chelsea Larisa

Hi My Name is Chelsea Larisa, I am from Barrington, Rhode Island as well as a Senior Communications major with a minor in Textile Merchandising. I mainly got interested in TMD after I finished my communications major classes, I did not want to graduate early so I decided to minor in TMD because it has always been an interest or you could say hobby of mine.

One of my favorite types of fashion is fitness fashion. I love to be active and fit, so I love exploring fitness clothing. I am always looking for new website or different types of things to wear when working out. It all really interests me. Another interest I have is the whole behind the scenes aspect in fashion and where things kind of came from.

Already having started this class, It has been a great start. What I really just want to get our of it is just to learn something new and interesting every class. It has already exceeded that expectation especially after the class when we discussed the Zeitgeist Worksheet it was something so interesting to me and I could of truly sat there for days just exploring all the possibilities.


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