Blog#1 intruduction

Hello everyone.

My name is ALLA, and i am from saudi arabia. Mother of a toddler boy so i have a really full busy day every day.

I am muslim that’s why i wear HIJAB to cover my hair from men. In case you’re wondering why i cover it 🙂

I had My bachelors in clothing and textile back in my country. I do sweing, weaving, tapestry weaving and designing. But for some reason i am really bad at skiching designs?! 

Growing up i was an art person i did oil coloring, pastel and cohl. Some of my works was shown in exhibits and galleries in my city. but as a degree I decided to go for my first passion. I choose fashion merchandising for my graduate study because i want to have my own business and i am more into business than designing and sweing. 

Criticizing fashion in global magazines, fashion programs and “that fashion talk” after every OSCAR or any other such an event really interests me, so I thought studieng fashion theory and analysis will give me an idea of how exprets sees fashion in term of different aspects. 
Thank you


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