Extra Credit Two

Another author that I found beneficial to students while writing their EOT papers was Lipovetsky. Lipovetsky is known for his writings on the 100 years fashion which ranges from 1860 to the late 1960s. He also discusses the democratization of fashion which is fashion beginning to belong to more than the upper class due to class barriers being eroded. Fashion is for more than just the upper class. Many students can involve this author in their papers because this is essentially the history of fashion. When using this author for support in their paper, students, can discuss the local/global elements. For example, a paper topic could be a company creating a more affordable sub-brand in the U.S. for their client to increase poor sales in the U.S. compared to their successful market in Europe. We can support this company’s move with the writings of Lipovetsky. He states everyone is interested in high fashion not just the upper class, therefore you can tell your client that there is a need to produce a sub-brand or make a more affordable product for your client.

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