Extra Credit 2

Another author is McLuhan, who wrote about “the medium is the message”. This means that the medium in which you receive a message is becoming just as important or more important than the message itself. This relates to fashion and our final clients because technology has changed fashion and the way we view it. Social media and other mediums in which people follow fashion has drastically changed the fashion world for our clients, and with this can come problems. Another theory of McLuhan’s is the global village. This says that we are now a global village because we can access information anywhere on the globe without physically being there. This could help with our clients as we can compare what they are doing or not doing to other companys/clients around the world. We can also see if being so globally present is something that is helping or hurting our specific client.  Another theory of McLuhan’s is the tetrad of technological effects, as we now have many new forms of technology which means many more ways to broadcast fashion. This is important to a fashion client because technology now plays a huge roll in all fashion companies, we can see what they are doing or not doing when it comes to advancing technology and see if this plays a roll in their particular problem, or it may be part of their solution.


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