Extra Credit One


The author Lipovetsky can be used in the end of term paper to show how fashion had translated from the future to the present in his 100 years. Lipovetsky discusses how people in the past and will in the future turn away from high fashion. For instance I know many of the EOT paper topics and my own discuss a high-end designer broadening their horizons to a younger more affordable demographic or some how partnering with another non-luxury brand. I am discussing ZARA but I know some students were talking about H&M. Lipovetskys ideas are perfect for the arguments of all of these papers. He discusses how classes of people are being to disappear and discusses how fashion is evolving to something that everyone can obtain. He says that there is a desire for everyone not just the upper class to have high fashion. And you could use that to present to your client that high fashion is not as popular as it has been and creating a line that is available to many more people will benefit their company. Fast Fashion brands like H&M and Zara make it possible to have high fashion looks but at a discounted price which is taking away from the luxury brand such as Chanel. Lipovetsky can be used to discuss pop culture and local and global ideas and futures of luxury brands.


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