Extra Credit 2

To aid in the process of improving business practices of a company in 2015 where the generations have shifted and things are changing, we can use theorists who have already done research for us to help us predict what might happen in the years ahead. An influential theorist that may help tremendously to understand the world of fashion in today’s time would be Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan describes the idea of “the medium is the message”, where he states that the presence of media and technology in society is more impacting on culture than the actual content within the media. This shows that media has an incredible effect on generational decisions as well as these decisions made in the world of fashion. McLuhan also describes how media becomes an tool as a way of ultimately being an extension of the self and it extends the senses, eyes, ears, etc. Companies can use McLuhan’s ideals as a way of determining how the generations become influenced by these media channels such as social medias, television, radio, and print.


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