Extra Credit 2: Lipovetsky

Lipovetsky is a great author to use to support your position to your client. He focuses on the the 100 years of high fashion. He shows us the democratization of fashion, meaning the class differences are eroding and people are looking away from high fashion. In order to use Lipovetsky, you can show your client how fashion will evolving. For example, will the fast fashion model diminish or stick around? You can pick your position and from there analyze using Lipovestky’s idea. He explains there is increased affluence and a desire for fashion or an availability of such goods. More and more people are wearing similar things that it is becoming hard to differentiate between high class and lower classes. Fast fashion is making cheap, lower quality styles for a low price. Will people continue to go for the cheap and low quality, or spend the money for high quality that will last a while?  Will this stick around or will we circle back to high fashion and open up the gap again?


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