Extra credit 1- McLuhan

To write the end of term paper using one author, first you would have to look at the authors we discussed in class. ONE author that could be essential or relevant to someone’s paper could be McLuhan. If you were to use him, you would first look back at your notes and power points that are about him. You would find that he is all about MEDIA. He thought that electronic media effects culture and that we are endlessly influenced by how we approach information. You could relate this if you were talking about your “client” and using social media. One way to provide the message to their target consumers. His ideas can help you in explaining fashion being culture and about global villages. All depending on what your client and consumers are, McLuhan can help you in trying to come up with a plan for your client on how to reach their consumers. So lastly, you would want to come up with a way that your client can use the media to help solve your problem.


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