A Map of the World

For my end of term paper my client will be Michael Kors, whom I have been following for the course of the semester. I plan on looking at the company and how they should take into consideration the fashion’s made popular from the “streets”of social media.


  • Resilient Brand
  • Jet Set Style
  • Celebrity presence
  • high quality
  • Strong European market


  • Brand is over saturated in the U.S.
  • Brand gets diluted in bargain stores
  • Jet Set style is not priority for people in low economy
  • Sales in the U.S. have decreased dramatically


  • Become more well known in other countries, leading to possible expansion
  • Create a sub-brand more accessible to people in low economy
  • Further expand men’s line


  • Other brands/competitors (Coach, Kate Spade) offer more styles and cuts
  • Consumers go elsewhere for apparel
  • Too many stores expansions in the U.S. opening too quickly

2 thoughts on “A Map of the World

  1. I really liked the structure of your post. For someone who is a visual learner, this clean outline was very appealing to the eye and easy for me to understand. Your content was also very interesting. The point about Michael Kors opening too many stores across the US too quickly really caught my eye. I used to work for a company who did the same thing, and they ended up having to close many of the stores. I think this is an issue with many US companies. I think that they try to expand too fast and end up over-saturating the market with their own product. It is really something to think about and study in our field of education.

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