Last blog :(

For my end of term paper I am writing about PUMA. They are a German based company that struggles to appeal to consumers in America. SO even though they are successful in some areas of the world, mostly Europe, they are not that big in the USA. They want to be the new Nike. How do I think they should do this? I think they should use celebrities that are famous in America to help them reach consumers in America. Celebrities have a huge influence over here and adding on celebrities like Rihanna was smart of them to get the ball rolling! AND using what I saw in the “street”- using “cool” athletic wear, that looks cool on someone but may not be as functional. For example, the Nike tank tops that criss cross in the back or have no backs.


Strengths- my knowledge about the company since I interned there as their product developer this summer. Also that people wear athletic wear EVERYWHERE now, not just the gym. So this is the time to expand for them.

Weaknesses- if everyone could be like Nike… why wouldn’t they? (Competition)

Opportunities- To help me understand this field better. Celebrities and new “cooler” products.

Threats- Competition again.. this is a big industry.






4 thoughts on “Last blog :(

  1. I think it’s very beneficial that you’ve worked at Puma and have seen what goes on behind the scenes. That gives a different perspective (a more in depth one, i think) to the point you are trying to make. Puma is quite successful in Europe and I think you’re right, endorsing celebrities in order to capture the American eye, is the best way for Puma to succeed in America!

  2. I think it is interesting how puma has caught on more in other countries and not so much in the USA. I wonder as to why this is. I think your knowledge in working with the company will be very beneficial as to knowing what the company is doing and not doing to market and be more relevant in the USA. It is hard to compete with nike but I think bringing in US athletes would be benifical. athletic wear becoming more popular is also going to help Pumas company.

  3. I really like the idea for your final paper. I think it is interesting to take something that isn’t so popular here (but popular somewhere else) and try to make it appealing to Americans. It will be very helpful that you interned there. I agree that Puma needs to am up because activewear is so popular these days and is turning into everyday where. So if they stepped up their game in the US, they could see a great amount of growth in their company.

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