EOT paper

My end of term paper will be focusing on the store, White House Black Market. I am going to be discussing with them that they need to use the “real woman” models and not these super skinny models that show the unrealistic body type that many customers do not have. The target market of this store is a woman with the age group from 25-55. The company needs to be focusing on the kind of person the consumers are looking at in magazines and online. The thing about people today is that they are looking at celebrities to help them get inspired and see what kind of clothes would look good on them. Many celebrities are of all shapes and sizes and consumers see that and by having the models be “real women” the consumers are able to relate better. My SWOT will consist of this:


  • Women are seeing other “real women” who are like them wearing the clothing.
  • This is a good brand that caters towards the real women
  • Employees are able relate well and have that close connection with these women


  • Women who fit in the small sizes will not feel as special
  • Not everything in the store can fit nicely on bigger and “real” women, the normal size of an American woman is size 14.


  • Cater to a lot more women
  • More women will understand that its not just small size they fit for
  • Feel Beautiful motto will mean something even more
  • Wont be doing what other fashion brands are doing


  • Loose business of those who are super skinny
  • Wont being doing what other higher end fashion brands are doing

2 thoughts on “EOT paper

  1. I like your idea of catering towards the real woman. So often most advertising emphasizes an unrealistic body type. Especially for a business that caters towards an older demographic, I think this would be very beneficial to improve sales in the store. I believe the strengths and opportunities outweigh the weaknesses and threats.

  2. Good. Think of your strengths and weaknesses as internal elements of the company, rather than as a reaction to your recommendation.

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