World Atlas

I am performing my SWOT analysis on Rocky Clark Clothing, a hemp clothing company that I started in August.  I studied why hemp fiber should be used for clothing right now- sustainable, durable, with legalization of industrial hemp it will be trend.  I also studied how I can use the spectacle of pop culture to market my clothes.  By having a musician or athlete of my choice wear my clothing it will drive up the popularity.

Strength’s:  hemp is sustainable and eco-friendly and will be in the zeitgeist within 5 years.  building brand image from the bottom-up gives me control of direction.

Weaknesses:  small company with no money- hard to accomplish obtaining a celeb.  hemp is illegal to grow in US- high prices.  still in school learning.

Opportunities:  finding local musicians and athletes to wear RC- cheap.  Hemp is budding industry, RC will be on forefront.

Threats:  Hemp is illegal, weed stigma, hippie stigma, not finding capital for launch.


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