EOT Paper

Throughout the papers written in the class I have used H&M as my client each time. This has allowed me to learn a lot about the company. For my final paper I am suggesting to H&M that they should open a high end version of their store specifically in the Providence Place Mall. The SWOT analysis of H&M helps back up my suggestion.

Strengths-fast fashion, low prices, multiple categories of apparel, accessories, shoes

Weaknesses-low quality, most of their profit comes from the casual wear they carry, business attire does not sell, lingerie and swimwear does not sell

Opportunities-if they were to open a higher end store they would be able to better their quality of business wear and other categories that are not selling and people may choose purchase it, they would be able to produce high quality products to appeal to customers who do not support fast fashion, they would be making more profit then they already are

Threats-Competition, spending more money to produce higher quality goods, store could fail and close



One thought on “EOT Paper

  1. Good start. Think about threats and opportunities as external forces. A succinct way to describe your opportunity might be that there is a open market of affordable but responsibly created fashion?

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