A Map Of The World

The client i have discussed throughout my last 3 papers was the fashion company Salvatore Ferragamo. I focused on social media in my papers, in my first paper i talked about how these sites could help them reach a younger target market because the CEO wanted to perceive a “younger image” and then in my second paper i discussed these sites and how they will positively impact the company. In my final paper I will try to connect these valid points to the company Ferragamo and i will validate each of the platforms that i discussed in my previous papers. The swot analysis that we have been discussing in class will help me break down what i will be discussing in the paper in the way that it will outline what i  need to address such as key points or what the company needs to know or be aware of.


Strengths- Brand awareness, high quality products, locations, multiple categories (RTW, shoes, handbags, etc), domestic market, skilled workforce

Weaknesses- Competitive market, small business units, exclusivity, high prices

Opportunities- developing new products and services, growing demand and economy, the use of social media, the chance to target a younger segment, new advertising strategies, opening more stores internationally, expanding their stores like making them available in outlets

Threats- Growing competition and lower profitability, rising cost of raw materials, imitation & fake products always being made, competition brands having cheaper products, they are perceived as having an “old” image which steers the younger generation away


2 thoughts on “A Map Of The World

  1. This is a cool topic! Ferragamo makes beautiful, high-quality Italian products. It seems that the younger generation is steering away from the more traditional dress, but since millennial’s are gaining more buying power and disposable income this can definitely be a market for Ferragamo. Do you think they should make a less expensive line of clothes? Or should they just gear their market toward younger people?

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