EOT Paper

For each of my papers this semester I discussed the fashion issue of sustainability. For my past three papers I used the popular designer Stella McCartney to help discuss sustainability in fashion. For my final paper however though I am sticking with the topic of sustainability, I am using the fast fashion brand H&M to compare and contrast instead. I will discuss how by being a fast fashion brand, most of the time it is almost impossible to create a sustainable reputation because H&M is about quantity not quality. Though they have made an “effort” in this issue by comparing them to slow and higher fashion like Stella consumers can get better understanding of what fast fashion really entails.

Strengths: short-production time, cheaper production,  more style choices, keeps up with trends easier, financial benefits, products are in bulk, easy recovery, fast profits

Weaknesses: short product life cycle, focuses largely on imitation products, labor exploitation cause of cheap labor costs, fashion is very cheap

Threats: May change reputation of brand and the brands accessibility, may become less affordable to most of the brands consumers, like companies will gain an fast fashion advantage over them

Analyzing each of these makes it easier to compare and contrast this ongoing issue. Analyzing these factors can make a consumer much more aware of which brands to choose when purchasing current fashion and trends.


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