A Map of World

Throughout the semester I use Victoria Secret. Abercrombie & Fitch and Lulu Lemon as my clients for my position papers. For my final paper I have decided to write about Victoria Secret again and discuss how they should lower their bra prices to appeal to larger demographic specifically young adults. My SWOT analysis is as follows:

Strengths: Brand awareness, customer loyalty, marketing, fashion show, own website

Weaknesses: Limited sizes, not enough discounts

Opportunities: Start a men’s brand, expand their number of stores

Threats: competition, economic downturn

2 thoughts on “A Map of World

  1. I too am using Victoria’s Secret in my EOT paper. A large weakness of the company is that many do not shop there mainly due to the high prices in both VS as well as Pink. Even pink is pricey for the target market they appeal to. If they lowered their prices they definitely would appeal to many more consumers as well as gain a whole new demographic. But do they want a new demographic or do they want the Victoria’s Secret Angel as their consumer?

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