A Map of the World

For my end of term paper I am focusing on why converse should advertise that their shoes are eco-friendly. I am going to suggest for Converse to show this strength that they have yet to utilize.

Strengths- Converse is owned by Nike which is a company that is known for being eco-friendly, this could help in their long-term production and advertising.

Weaknesses- A weakness Converse has is that they don’t advertise much at all, they don’t have stores of their own, meaning the consumer has the few choices offered at stores like DSW and online purchasing.

Opportunities- If they advertised their products as eco-friendly they could bring in customers that are environmentally concerned and compete with other eco-friendly shoe companies.

Threats- Many shoe companies advertise how eco friendly they are because most consumers like to know this information about companies they support.


3 thoughts on “A Map of the World

  1. Well actually, converse does have a store, their outlet stores. They sell many of the same shoes that they have online as well as some clothing too. I do think its a great idea for them to advertise that they are eco-friendly, I really didn’t know that at all. You can advise them to expand their marketing tactics and maybe even add a tag on their products that say “eco-friendly”. A weakness they also might have is that if marketing their products as eco-friendly doesn’t really help their sales. Other than that I think this topic is very interesting and think your EOT paper will be very interesting.

  2. I think this is an interesting topic! I have been buying Converse sneakers for many years now and had no idea they were eco-friendly. Converse advertising this quality of their shoes will definitely bring in more customers who are really into going green.

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