A Map of the World

For my two position papers I focused on how J. Crew can make a turn around since they are quickly going downhill. People have been complaining about the quality and style of J. Crew as of lately. Sales have drastically decreased because of this. I believe the root of the problem is that J. Crew’s target market has become unclear and there really is no definite client market. Their clothes used to be looked at as business professional and classic. However, I believe J. Crew needs to make a big move and changes in order to be more trendy and stylish. The 60’s trends is making a huge comeback lately and it would be helpful for J. Crew to follow this trend.

Strengths: CEO Mickey Drexler and creative director Jenna Lyons, multiple branches/stores for all price points, well known name, strong ecommerce

Weaknesses: unclear target market, sales decreasing, decreasing quality of clothing, Mercantile line decreases value of the name, only local stores (America) not global

Opportunities: narrow in on a target market, keep up with competition, global expansion, gain new influential loyalists

Threats: other brands are more fashionable without the high price and diminishing quality, loose loyal customers



2 thoughts on “A Map of the World

  1. I agree with your opinion and think this topic is actually pretty interesting. Though I do not shop at J-Crew I do know that the majority of their clothes are known as being preppy and overpriced for what you get. While years ago I believe preppy was in fact the popular style, now a days many consumers seem to be anti-preppy. Consumers are now much more into european style clothes and trendy and hipster clothing. I agree that by J-Crew altering there apparel choices for consumers they will in fact become much more appealing.

  2. Good. Something to consider – are you saying that they need to just adopt the specific trend of 60s revival? Or be more trend aware/fashion forward in general, with the suggestion that 60s revival is a place to start?

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