A Map of the World

For my EOT paper, I am informing Dior that they no longer have a clear brand as they once did in 1947 with the “New Look”.  In order for Dior to resolve their branding issue, I suggested that they reference their advertisements from the 1940’s done by the illustrator Rene Grau.  My SWOT analysis is as follows:

Strengths: History of the brand, and loyal customers

Weaknesses: Loss of target market and brand recognition

Opportunities: Rebranding by referencing old advertisements

Threats: Biggest competitor= Channel


One thought on “A Map of the World

  1. Good start. For opportunities – have you thought about modern social media platforms? Or internet platforms they do not currently interact with?

    Why is Chanel a threat? Because they are also a luxury brand? Or because they share strengths? Or another reason?

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