A Map of The World

For my end of term paper,  I am going to focus on informing and persuading the CEO of Victoria’s Secret to implement a more sustainable, environmentally friendly business practice in regards to relating the zeitgeist. Sustainability is a practice that is becoming increasingly more of an important deal within all industries. Many people are becoming more educated on the fact that we need to save our planet and how. Victoria’s Secret is an extremely successful company who has a huge impact of the female sector of the millenial generation especially. The SWOT analysis of the company, Victoria’s Secret,  will aid in the success of persuading the formal position. The SWOT analysis is as follows:

Strengths – Strong brand name, brand recognition, sub-brand (Pink), high quality, extremely good marketing (fashion show), loyal consumer base, models (angels)

Weaknesses – Narrow consumers to certain body type (no plus size), poor body image (too skinny), no expansion of target market, limited number of stores, not affordable

Opportunities –  Plus size market, global expansion, include more in store, create new markets (men)

Threats – Competitors (Aerie, Fredericks of Hollywood), economy, limited resources


2 thoughts on “A Map of The World

  1. I think Victoria Secret is a perfect client for this issue. They tend to outshine their competitors, especially during the time of the fashion show. They have a huge influence on the women’s market and have a large number of brand loyalists. After watching the VS fashion show last night, I was able to link sustainability to the brand right away. If they promoted sustainability in the fashion show, it would have a huge impact globally.

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