Final blog- A Map of the World

My EOT paper deals with why Chanel should fight for stronger counterfeit laws in the United States.Chanel is a prestigious luxury brand and has been for many, many years. Their products are worn by people all over the world, in the U.S and around the globe. Counterfeiting  is a huge issue to all designers and my paper would not only be a suggestion for Chanel but it would help other designers in the long run, if my position is pursued.

For the SWOT analysis, Chanel has many different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strengths- very strong, prestigious brand, good reputation, high quality products, profitable, great marketing tactics, would be a great brand ambassador for the cause, easily likable, if the concept works the brand would get its luster back and has the money to spend if needed

Weaknesses- products are easily copied due to logos, their price point is too high, more people want to copy due to high price point, could be a loss of money and would take time

Opportunities- would help other brands in the process, would help get their luster back in their luxury products, more brand exposure (people will see a good thing being done=more media), chance to crackdown on sweatshops and poor working conditions, would save the police money due to not having to crack down on this crime anymore, would possibly reduce crime rate and a chance to make an advertisement campaign to show the benefits of the real bags compared to the fakes

Threats- potentially nothing could happen, the initiative would fail, loss of money and time, could enhance the problem

All of these options are helpful and could be harmful but each could help me make my position stronger. I can recognize but refute each threat and weakness and stress how powerful this initiative really could be.


2 thoughts on “Final blog- A Map of the World

  1. Steph, We talked about your topic a little bit in class. And first of I think is a great topic and it is something that we are all familiar with and unfortunately maybe guilty of. If this were a success then many other fellow luxury brands such a Louis Vuitton could benefit from Chanel’s move to end counterfeiting. I think the issues and your threats are correct. Chanel could campaign and work hard to rebuild the laws on counterfeiting but would that stop the black market that is already very invested in todays world? Your opportunities and strengths outweigh your threats in my opinion, which helps with your argument. I do not know much about counterfeiting but if you were able to identify the central outlets for counterfeiting and how the bags get on the black market and sell on the black market I think this could be a success! Good job 🙂

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