Extra Credit: Using Geertz in the EOT Paper

Geertz would be the perfect author to use for our EOT paper.  For example, I am writing my paper on Acne Paper and how they are no longer strong leaders in the magazine world.  Acne Paper was extremely popular in the 1900’s before photography when illustrations were used for promotion. I think that Acne Paper should reference the illustrations used in their magazines from that time period and try to recreate them using photography.  The company had the illustrations done by the famous illustrator Rene Grau, allowed the viewer interpret the image as they please by altering the image just enough to spark questions in the viewers mind.

The author Geertz works perfect in this situation because he disscuses how we interpret the world and how everyone may view it differently.  In this case there is no wrong answer.  Leaving his illustrations with more questions than answers is just enough to pull the readers in. The companies biggest challenge will be trying to recreate the illustrations on life forms, that automatically make sense to the eye. So by attempting to create a photograph into a questionable image, would be an innovative way help their magazine.


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