Preliminary Conclusions*

The discussions in class, the thoughts and notions of various authors and my research on the position papers have contributed to open my mind and make me realize that our society doesn’t really change, concepts elaborated decades ago by Martin Heidegger or Georg Simmel are still valid.

I find really fascinating the fact that thanks to the globalization and technological progress, we live in a “global village” -to refer to Marshall McLuhan- that advocates the culture of the immediacy and gives us the impression to live in the most modern era with its own and specific issues whereas actually, real stakes and problems don’t change, simply because the true nature of the human being doesn’t change either.

We think that we are more cultivated or clever thanks to our knowledge of the past and the huge amount of information available, but we are not.

We think that we can examine and analyze the world and people around us as laboratory rats in order to establish universal truth whereas our judgement is distorted because subjective.

“All I know is that I know nothing”, simplistic but true, thank you Socrates.


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