I did all of my fieldwork on the same company. I have stuck to Lilly Pulitzer for the streets and shops and pop culture paper. The question that I came up with was should Lilly Pulitzer open outlet stores for the cost conscious customer. I assumed that it would be a no brainer to people that they would want to see this since the dresses are pretty expensive for a cotton shift dress. But after what I saw and the articles I read, it’s the complete opposite. I picked this topic because I wear Lilly, but I could never spend $300 on a sundress. I have shopped the Target collection (which sold out in minutes) and find authentic dresses on Ebay. I never shopped Lilly with it’s original price tag, and assumed that others do the same, but it seems that out there women will pay whatever they want. I also found that women wear Lilly because they almost see the late Lilly Pulitzer as their spirit animal. She lived a lavish, fun and colorful life and that’s what these girls want. And that’s a big reason why sororities love it, other than it hides alcohol stain well. The position papers helped me look outside myself and opinions and realize that what I think should happen, doesn’t have to happen.


One thought on “Fieldwork

  1. I thought that your research was very interesting to read about. It was interesting to see how you ended up changing your own opinion after conducting more fieldwork. I think that many people do like the somewhat luxurious oncept of Lilly clothing and that is why they spend a lot of money on the brand. It is crazy to imagine how some people can afford that and would not want to shop at an outlet store.

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