Field impressions:”What I saw”

Most of my field impressions that I did were all different companies however they were all similar in a way. Each position paper that I chose to write I pick a company that needed a solution to benefit an issue that is presented within their company.  My first position paper I wrote was on Victoria Secret and how it would be beneficial for their company to use plus-size model.  My second position paper I wrote was on Abercrombie & Fitch and how changing their marketing plan can make them appeal to a wider demographic. Then my third position paper I wrote on Lululemon and how a celebrity endorsement can increase their sales. My reason for picking these topics is because each three companies were brought in casual conversations with my friends that made want to analyze them some more.  For my final paper I decide to write about Victoria Secret again and lower their prices would be beneficial.  Overall the position papers help me gain a better understanding of this course.


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