What I Saw

While interning at PUMA this summer on their product development team I learned a lot. The most interesting thing, to me, that I saw was when I was in a fitting and they put the model in sweatpants that the rise was too low on him to be able to squat, run or do anything that involved working out. I was so confused why this was part of the new line so I was like wait why would a guy want to buy work out sweatpants when they can’t work out in them… and they told me that today people are wearing work out clothing while not even working out. I was like wow you guys are right! But i was surprised that they were actually making a sweat pant for that reason. So since then i have noticed how much i do that and how many people in my classes, when I’m out for coffee, in a grocery store, in a mall etc. how many people follow this trend. So for my fieldwork I just mentally noticed everywhere i went how many people were wearing athletic wear and weren’t in the gym. It was ALOT of people. So for my third paper I wrote about how PUMA can continue doing this with more “cool” looking athletic wear.. like how girls are wearing sports bras with cross crosses in the back or work out tanks with no backs just because they look cool and not because they are functional also with the influence Rihanna and Rickie Fowler has been on American consumers since they are so popular. So for my last paper I want to tie in my first paper on celebrities with my last 2 papers!


2 thoughts on “What I Saw

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post! I found it very interesting to learn about your internship experience at PUMA. I liked how you tied what you learned there into this paper. It really shows that what we are studying in this class can truly be applied to the real world. I agree with all of the points you make. It is true that athletic wear is becoming more widely popular as a style that is not just for the gym. This reminds me of another classmate’s topic which is about encouraging JCrew to add an athletic line to their store to keep up with this trend!

  2. I also agree with your post because I know I am just as guilty as wearing workout clothes even when not working out! I also thought it was interesting to hear about your learning experience at PUMA. You got a hands on experience which is extremely important when making a case such as yours. Athletic wear is becoming a popular trend among everyone so you definitely chose a topic that is prevalent in our society.

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