Field Impressions

For the first three papers, I chose my topics on events that were relevant in my life at the time. The first position paper I wrote was on Fast Fashion and how Forever21 needs to figure out a better way to fully grasp the concept. I chose this topic because I had recently gone to the mall and when I went in to Forever21, I felt the garments were dated. Secondly I wrote my paper on whether the H&M Balmain collaboration was too pricey for H&M’s customer base.  The reason I picked this paper was because the H&M Balmain collaboration has just made its big day beu and was covered on all forms of media. My most recent paper was on whether Gypsy Warrior should open and online store. Gypsy Warrior is small chain in the New Jersey/ New York area that needs to expand its brand by making a website. For my EOT paper I was planning on writing it on Fashion Media vs. Fashion illustration, how it has changed and how we still reference fashion illustrations. I was planning on using the knowledge that I learned from the previous papers to help me understand how to research for this paper but I might change the topic all together.  Possibly to something related to what I have already done but more specific.


One thought on “Field Impressions

  1. Heather, that is really interesting that you did your paper on forever 21 because i do sometimes shop there as well. I do feel that way as well about the store. Secondly, I used to shop at H&M as well until i did research, like you did, and realized how bad the working conditions were to the people working for them. I think your final paper sounds really interesting! Best of luck with it!

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