Field Impressions- What I Saw

This unit preparing for our final position papers has been very interesting. I loved getting out into the field and doing research. I like when I am able to learn with a hands-on approach. The company that I am focusing on for my final position paper is Louis Vuitton. I am advising them to NOT be the next high-end luxury brand to partner with H&M for an affordable collaboration. The luxury industry has been in trouble recently for many different reasons, but I believe that stooping down to the affordable level and partnering with companies like H&M jeopardize the luxury status of high-end brands. For my fieldwork, I went to the mall and also did research online. I saw that Louis Vuitton’s customers are wealthy elite people. H&M, on the other hand, has a totally different clientele. By seeing first hand that the two companies do not share a consumer base, I am able to use that in my final position paper to prove that a collaboration would not be beneficial for Louis Vuitton.


One thought on “Field Impressions- What I Saw

  1. I think that your topic is absolutely wonderful! I agree completely with your position and think that the luxury market completely lost its luster. Balmain is a prestigious brand worn by socialites and celebrities, but pairing with H&M, in my opinion, made them less of a luxury brand. If Louis Vuitton did this, I could not even imagine how they would look. I think your topic is great and you can expand so much on it!

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