Field Impression: What I saw

To conclude everything that has happened in this fieldwork, I can confidently say that it has opened my eyes to seeing things differently. In all honesty I truly have never really examined the world in great detail as we have done in and outside of the classroom. Yes I have noticed trends that are happening around me but I really never thought about how social media has helped develop these trends. What I have found and realized is that there is a lot to put under consideration when thinking of how the local and global fashion works. I am able to put my knowledge that I have developed into my final paper. I am able to attack the topic that I have used in many ways to create a strong position paper. This final paper will once again open my eyes and help me understand the world of fashion.


4 thoughts on “Field Impression: What I saw

  1. I agree with you about how beneficial the field research was. You can’t truly understand the differences between global and local fashion until you do some research on them. I also agree how it is interesting how social media can create these trends and spread them so fast. I wonder if fast fashion retailers would have less success if social media wasn’t as popular as it is today.

  2. I agree with how useful the research was! I find it really interesting as to how social media can influence the fashion world. I really like how eye opening that this class has been!

  3. I agree with everything that you have said! I was actually able to have a conversation using the knowledge that I learned in my papers in an interview. It’s really interesting how social media makes such an impact on the fashion world today.

  4. I agree with you too. I didn’t realize how helpful fieldwork would be to understanding my client. When you talked about social media I agree as well. I also found it crazy how connected everyone was while observing them. So many people were on social media sites while doing their everyday activities.

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