PoMo & Restructuring

Fashion is very broad and diverse in the current era. Technology allows people to be connected globally, which has an impact on fashion influences. There are still fashion differences between different cultures but in the current era many fashion styles are accepted. Fashion used to be very limited to certain styles and designers. Now fashion is much more unique with many overlaps in local and global fashions. Bohemian style is no longer just limited to the bohemian group of people. Many different groups and cultures have adopted the bohemian style and it has actually become very popular. Living in Newport, RI during the summer has shown me that even though they are known to have a more preppy style there is still a lot of fashion diversity. My friends and I would often shop at a bohemian style boutique in Newport called Gossip that is popular with locals and tourists. Pop culture also plays a big role in influencing fashion. Many pop culture icons have started to dress in very unique and over the top outfits which helps to encourage individuality.


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