Pomo and reconstruction

Recently we have seen fashion change a lot. We have seen the 100 years of fashion come and go and now fashion has transformed into something new. Fashion is not revolved around designed as it once was before. Fashion is now based off of culture, preferences, beliefs, and class. We do not see one specific type of fashion in every place in the world. Fashion changes from place to place and has different meanings to different people. There are still some traditional fashions that individuals take into consideration when choosing how they dress, but here in the US we see a lot of trends compared to places such as India where most take part in traditional dress.


One thought on “Pomo and reconstruction

  1. It is so interesting to see how times have vastly changed over the years. Transforming from the time when 100 years of fashion was popular, which was when everyone dressed the same, to the fashion today where everyone dresses so diverse. Fashion today is based upon peoples cultural values such as their beliefs as well as religion which is why there is not one specific type of dress today. I enjoy seeing that some people today still hold traditional values like wearing white on your wedding day but i am glad that it is no longer like the old days when everyone dressed so similar. People today are able to express themselves through fashion which is nice to see because everyone is able to create their own sense of style. It keeps the fashion industry very intriguing in the way that their are always innovative styles coming out which brings change and that is something i always look forward to seeing because the same popular trend or style could just become very boring after a while.

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