PoMo & ReStructuring

Fashion has changed a lot throughout time. The 100 years fashion is dead and we are now in a post modern era. This is a very new time for fashion because for so long there were strict rules that one had to follow when it came to fashion. In the 100 years fashion we saw very specific forms of dress, everyone dressed alike within the same class. We even saw this only a decade or so ago, everyone dressing a lot alike. I think now people are adopting more individual styles. I think there are still some general “rules” one usually follows, but they are less strict than they used to be. I think individuality is encouraged and accepted in this era, so we see many different styles.


3 thoughts on “PoMo & ReStructuring

  1. I also wrote about how our current era and generation has learn to gain and accept more individuality in dress and appearance. The American culture has become less traditional when it comes to apparel and fashion patterns compared to many global cultures such as ones in the Middle East. Our culture has in fact drawn away from the 100 years of fashion class standards and traditions and instead brought individuality into the picture instead.

  2. I agree with you that we have left the 100 year era and now we are in the Post Modern era. I wrote about our current era just like you did where I feel like we have grown so much in the 100 years. I also agree that you think there are some general rules people follow when they are choosing what to wear and their style but it is a lot more of people wanting to express themselves differently and not just being in the norm of fashion.

  3. I agree that people are adopting a more individualistic styles. I believe it may have something to do with moving away from the 100years fashion and these strict rules and into a new century and generation. It is interesting to think of. The American culture has definitely lost some of its tradition when it comes to its dress and appearance but I think this may open up new doors for the country to see what we do next as designers and consumers.

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