PoMo & (re)structuring

Our culture is such a fast paced environment and is ever changing. There is no longer norms and many things are allowed. There are culture difference though. The rich and famous lead the fashion and social world. They have access to things the middle class simple cannot obtain. The middle class and our culture of college students play a huge roll in the fashion of our generation as well. We are a target market for many many designers and companies. Pop culture is filled with popular models and celebrities and it will always remain that way. We follow what they wear on social media, TV and in magazines. Fashion differs in the local and global in terms of traditional and pop culture because we cannot wear what pop culture wears on a daily basis. College students do not wear Chanel suits and heels to their geology class. Yet the pop culture and celebrities can wear a Tom Ford dress and high heels just to go to lunch. This is the same whether they are in Milan or New York, they always dress to impress.



One thought on “PoMo & (re)structuring

  1. soon millennia’s will have the most buying power so we will have more influence in the fashion world. (2017) I believe we will see a shift in marketing and trends. Maybe it won’t be about those big brands, we could see a shift in types of clothing companies. Maybe the number in companies will grow and we will see high quality clothing that is fashionable at a more reasonable price.

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