PoMo & (re)structuri

We live in a time where it is an anything goes kind of fashion. We do have our clear influencers such a celebrities and role models in communities when looking at a smaller scale but every other era was so clear to distinguish and as we are heading in the 2020’s it makes me wonder what direction were headed. In the roaring 20’s you had the development of the “flapper” and bobbed hair. During the war in the 30’s and 40’s fashion got broken down to minimalism because of the war and the lack of access of textiles this also took away the use of pantyhose. In the post war era during the 50’s hemlines dropped back down to mid-caf with the access to textiles and consumerism began for the first time. The 60’s began the start of counterculture and unisex culture, jean and leather jackets were worn by everyone. You get the point. Decades used to have their own identity and we now have all of those trend coming full circle all at once. This is because we have a new fashion week happening somewhere every four days. We have access to all these styles and information due to the internet and technology and we have the means to make it all faster.

Cultural influences do have affect the fashion industry. Some cultures have religious reasons for dress on a larger scale. In general however whatever environment you grow up in will affect what you wear in one way or another. It could be influenced by weather, you aren’t going to wear the same thing in California that you wear in New England during the winter. It could be influenced by purely location, what stores you have access too, how close you are to major fashion cities. On an even more local level maybe what job you have and what is deemed appropriate for that job etc.



One thought on “PoMo & (re)structuri

  1. I agree with you: in previous eras there are clear styles that are accepted by everyone and a defining style of the time. Now technology makes the dissemination of styles and trends much quicker so there isn’t really a defining style of an era now. It’ll be interesting to see where we are headed in terms of fashion and what the new century will bring. I wonder if we will ever return to an era having its own fashion identity, or if we will look back in 30 years and notice that there were defining styles in the bigger picture that we just didn’t see at the time.

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