Pomo and rescruturing

Despite what many of my colleguges claim I believe that culture is no longer among us. We seem to have lost that special americona culture We once were proud to have. Now we think fashionable has only something to do with global fashion. For instance, my boots could come from Italy, my coat from Berlin and my hair from India. We choose to actually take culture from everywhere else. We use to be so rich now it seems so dry. I think bohemian style was once apart of our identity but again we lost it. I think modernism is taking over any previous style nowadays.

Pop culture defined by Webster is modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people. from this definition I believe am that any culture which does not only mean clothes (many aspects) but everything culture means what is importance to us as a generation.for instance social media is a huge part of our culture. Millennial are now creating the new culture, bohemian style was apart the previous generations’ culture.

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