Current Era

The different kinds of fashion that has occurred throughout time builds off of each other. Each era has made a major impact on the fashion industry. In our current era there really is not one specific style. The fashion industry is a layer in a way because people get inspiration from the past and other cultures. Fashion definitely builds off from each other and people will enhance or tweak a kind of style to make it something completely new. Thanks to technology we are able to see everything that is happen in other cultures to get new inspiration for fashion. I personally like our current era because it is made up of so many different cultural inspirations. I really like how there is no one go to style, in today’s society every designer has their own style and it makes it cool to see how this era has so many variations of what is fashionable.

The pop culture helps influence and determine what is fashionable in the society that you live in. The bohemian culture has kind of floated into the mainstream of the pop culture in today’s society. It is the idea of expressing oneself through fashion. Fashion very much influenced on your location of where you are. Many times local fashion is more about the traditional ideas and the myths that have been created in your community, while the global fashion is more about pop culture because people are able to view fashion much more easily and faster with the technology that we have today.

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